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New Friends

I'm looking for some new friends. Obviously, or I wouldn't be here.

I'm Kati. I'm 27. Married to Vince, who's a CNA. No children, but want them a LOT. Work at a bank. Part-time college student as well -- English major. Two cats -- Lucy and Curt Wild. Many fish -- bettas and guppies. Love to read -- romance novels primarily but lots of other things too.

Well, that's kinda the basics. There's quite a bit more info here: tariana.

I'm looking for people who comment and enjoy getting comments from me. I can't promise to comment on everything you write but I *will* comment on anything that I feel I have something to say about. I would love to meet some people who enjoy reading as much as I do, 'cuz I'm just a big book nerd like that. Cat lovers are good too.

My journal is friends-only so please comment on that entry to be added.
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