3grantbrothers (3grantbrothers) wrote in 18plus,

Three friends in one. . . .

Derek’s at work. Paul is riding horses with Stuart. I’m online. I’m going to have a lazy day. We are three brothers that keep on journal. We haven’t really considered each doing a journal. We like things the way they are. I have read a few entries in the “add friends” journals. I am not going to do the “if you don’t like this” or “if you don’t like this or that” lists. There are only two things I want to add. I am not interested in reading any journal that tells me about your sex life or how stoned you got when.

We go through spells where we three write a lot and spells where we don’t. I read the friends stuff but I may not always comment. Read our user information. If you like us, add us.

No one under 18 please.
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