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Whoring Again

My name is Melissa and I'm 22 years old. I am a third-year Psych major. However, I have recently begun questioning going that route in my education. I work mainly in clothing retail and am hoping to get a job in that field as I am taking a break from school at the moment.

I live with my fiance, he pops up in many of my entries.

I am also very close with my 20-year old sister.

I can promise that my life is never dull.

Interests: "love actually", "will and grace", 80s music, 90s music, aeropostale, affection, aim, amberbock, anxiety, bipolar, boyfriends, budweiser, candles, chatting, college, comedies, counseling, cyclothymia, drama, express, family, family guy, friends, girlfriends, graduate school, guy friends, hoodies, hot baths, hot topic, hugs, japanese, jokes, kissing, l-word, laughing, lavender, living together, love songs, medications, meeting people, mental health, movies, nip/tuck, oral sex, psychological thrillers, psychology, queer as folk, quizzes, romance, school, sex, smiling, smirnoff watermelon vodka, st. louis, stress, studying, surveys, sushi, talking, therapy, tori amos, u2, undergraduate school, will ferrell.

I am in love with Queer as Folk :)

That is a nutshell. I comment and update regularly...I like to get to know my LJ friends.

Add me? Please comment on my friends only entry and I will add you back ;)
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